Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oriflame beauty nail shield/nail nourisher

Hi all,
This is my first post going out and y i decided to do this posting is because I wanted to share products that I have used with my fellow net users , since I have also started buying products after getting internet reviews I thought that now it is time I started sharing my own.I don't know whether I will do a lot of reviews or not  but will at least create a list for future reference he he he :)

Now for the product review: 
Where did I buy : From an Oriflame rep.
Price: Got this on discount at Rs.149/-
Quantity-7 ml.
pic courtesy:http://in.oriflame.com/products/product-detail.jhtml?prodCode=18935
What the catalog says about Oriflame beauty nail shield/nail nourisher :
Hardener, strengthener, protector and ridge-filler in one
With strengthening calcium and vitamin E
Makes nails stronger in just 3 days 

My Opinion:
I got this cos I wanted to pamper by nails a bit cause I had mehendi stained nails and I was constantly using nail polish to hide them. My nails were in bad shape soft, brittle and very dull.
The product has a caramel shade but on applying it comes as transparent super shiny color.When I applied this on my nails thee was an instant shine on them. This product looks like a transparent nail polish on my nails. The quality of the product is good and its a big bottle and I hope will last long also.
In fact I could not stop looking at my nails every now and then to see the shine :-)
This can also be used as a bottom coat for nail paint as it makes a good base on top of which you can wear your favorite nail color.

Easy to apply ,good aplicator brush.
Quick dry
Great sheen on nails ,can be worn alone without any other colour
Also can be used as a base coat as evens any ridges on nails gives an even glide on surface
No strong odor

Normally cost is 179/- ,but i got it on a discount at 149/-
Nothing apart from the price

I would love to buy this again and use it as my transparent polish. 

Please comment on whether u found this review useful.


Ditha Kusuma said...

HI, Sonia

thanks for your review. i'm considering to buy this product, yet i hesitated whether it will come as a solid white color or not when you apply it on your nail. well now i've got the answer. thanks :)


sonia said...

Hi Ditha,

U r very welcome.Do tell me how u liked it..!! :)

Yanna Z. Widiastuti said...

Hi Sonia,

Thanks for the review. A customer asked me whether Oriflame had transparent nail polish, and I came across this review. Very useful.

Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia

in review u dint mention anything abt whether the nail shield made ur nails stronger or not... kindly mention that coz i am looking forward to buying it.

sonia said...

Hi All,

Thanks for the comments Yanna!
This nail shield will make a transparent but impermeable layer on nail, so that no further damage is done on ur nails, I used it as a standalone or nail paint base (the first layer) after which I painted on any nail paint of choice. You won't have very strong nails but there is a definite difference. You gotta try it once.
Thanks again you all.